Unique Offering

Dragoman identifies and analyses country risk and works globally with clients to provide practical, commercial solutions and actionable strategies – all designed to build competitive advantage.

Country risk is the threat posed to the value of investments through:

  • Corruption
  • Lack of understanding of local culture and norms
  • Inability to operate including, through regulatory interference
  • Lack of institutional capacity
  • Physical security
  • Expropriation
  • Fiscal instability
  • Inability to access cash
  • Restrictions on dealing with investments
  • Anarchy, instability and third party events
  • Unconstrained NGO and other player activities

Dragoman brings to each assignment:

  • Deep commercial insights, analysis and first-hand experience and expertise
  • Its proprietary methodology
  • The well-founded judgements of country experts with deep experience acquired over many years of personal involvement with those geographies
  • Strong research and intelligence
  • Uncompromising integrity and a totally principled approach to each situation
  • Total confidentiality and anonymity, where required
  • Analysis that is always current and refreshed by ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • Responsiveness and adaptability to changing circumstances

Dragoman develops strategies for its clients that:

  • Are bespoke and tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, experiences, strengths and risk appetite
  • Provide a realistic assessment and take account of the client’s strengths, weaknesses threats and opportunities
  • Are commercially based, value driven and seek to turn risks into opportunities
  • Are actionable
  • Can address all aspects of their engagements and investments in the geographies of interest to them

Deep commercial insights, analysis and first-hand experience and expertise.