Dragoman’s principal areas of focus include:

  • Identifying, monitoring and managing political risk, which extends to:
  • designing country strategies for clients, including sourcing key personnel to assist in “in country” representation and management;
  • competitor analysis and intelligence;
  • assisting corporations to develop strategies to deal with Governments and other public sector bodies;
  • assisting with fiscal regime design and management;
  • Dealing with multi-lateral organisations – such as the World Bank and sourcing sovereign wealth funds, particularly in the Middle East;
  • Accessing mining and exploration rights and petroleum permits;
  • Advising on Joint Venture structures and partnering dynamics – “marriages as well as divorces”; and
  • Evaluating and auditing anti-trust, bribery and corruption and other litigation risks and developing appropriate mitigation strategies including, appropriate protocols and ongoing monitoring and education programmes.

It must be noted that Dragoman is not a registered lobbyist and does not engage in any lobbying activities.

The key offerings of Dragoman are based upon the extensive global experience of its team who have been successful in executing cross border and other commercial transactions, establishing “in country” company representation and achieving engagement with senior government and political figures.


The key offerings of Dragoman are based upon our extensive global experience.