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"At the appointed time our business committee reported, and said all things were in readdress--that we were to start to-day, with horses, pack animals, and tents, and go to Baalbec, Damascus, the Sea of Tiberias, and thence southward by the way of the scene of Jacob's Dream and other notable Bible localities to Jerusalem--from thence probably to the Dead Sea, but possibly not--and then strike for the ocean and rejoin the ship three or four weeks hence at Joppa; terms, five dollars a day apiece, in gold, and everything to be furnished by the dragoman."

The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

"Dragoman" - from the Ottoman period - an official guide, intermediary
and translator

About Us

About Us
Dragoman is a specialist advisory firm. Dragoman’s objective is to enable its clients to win competitive advantage through understanding and managing risk. It works with clients to solve complex problems and to execute difficult transactions. Read More

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About Us
The key offerings of Dragoman are based upon the extensive global experience of its team who have been successful in executing cross border and other commercial transactions, establishing “in country” company representation and achieving engagement with senior government and political figures. Read More

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Dragoman’s global reach is through its extensive network of Counsellors who provide specialist services. Read More